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FAQs – Have a doubt, ask a question

Would the funding be unlimited?

The funding for the winners will be limited and according to the amount mentioned in the ‘Awards’.

What are the required equipments for the video application?

The video application, which will be sent by the candidates, can be shot on any camera, even the ones on mobile handsets and smartphones. However, please make sure that the quality of audio and video is good enough and decipherable for the judges to understand. DEPL does not recommend usage of professional setup or professional editing.

Can the participant fees be paid offline?

No. Only online payment is accepted.

What if I don’t want to submit the video at the time of registration?

You can upload your video within seven days of your registration or before the end of the contest, whichever is earlier.

Can I change my video after submitting?

No, videos submitted once will be treated as final.

Can anyone else be part of the video?

The script of the video is at participant’s discretion. However, please be aware that no nudity, obscene gesture, video, picture or audio will be entertained. Any video containing either one or all of these will be automatically rejected.

Can only audio be recorded?

No, only videos are accepted as application.

Can I send my video through post?

No, only way to apply offline is through registered schools.

How do you shortlist candidates for Phase 2?

The four broad parameters, which are described in the contest description, will be used for evaluation of the applicants. Clarity of thought and expression, and confidence in each of the parameters is important. Additionally, tangible proof of related achievement will be considered.

Are multiple applications accepted?

No. As this is a merit – based contest, only one application per candidate is accepted. If a candidate is found to have applied more than once, all applications will be automatically disqualified.

Who can take part in the contest?

Only applicant from the age of 7 to 24 years can take part in the contest.

Do you have any restriction on Career goals?

No. You can choose any career goal and record your application according to it.

How many free entries are allowed to each BSF Officer/Soldier? 

Single free entry is allowed to each BSF Officer/Soldier.

Who are allowed or authorized free entry on BSF Officer/Soldier identity?

Members who have direct blood relation with BSF officer/soldier, such as (son, daughter, sister or brother) are only allowed free entry.

Can rest of the eligible family members (apart from free member) take part in the contest?

Yes. Other qualified family members are allowed to take part in the contest after paying the registered fees like other common applicants.