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About Us

How many times have you thought of doing something and backed away from your dream? How many times have you thought of being a singer, painter, cricketer, guitarist, actor ,athlete ,fashion designer or a cyclist, etc, but have been forced to return back to your studies, because you need a job, or because your parents want you to be a “successful” engineer or doctor?
Well, for the majority, if not all of us, the answer to the questions will be a couple of times, and often the choice comes because our parents want us to be successful in life, and pursue education. Or at times, it happens because of the socio – economic conditions or peer pressure – be it friends, teachers or society.
However, whenever it happens, it is painful for the person who has to give up on the dreams and focus on regular life, isn’t it?
Thus, the contest “Freedom to Choose” is aimed at providing a youth a freedom to choose his/her desired career path. Through this contest, we attempt to bring forward the resources to the innovative youth minds to help them pursue their dreams.
We believe every individual has the capacity to be extraordinary in a specific field of study or practice, which is his/her passion, and all it takes is a nudge in the right direction or help in the correct time.
Have a passion and want to follow it? Register now and let your dreams meet its goals.